Microblading eyebrows

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrows.

Andreea Paval offer a range of services, including expert microblading, micropigmentation, ombré eyebrows, semi-permanent makeup, powdering and hybrid technique. 
Andreea Paval knows how to create natural beauty in a subtle way with a high level of quality.
Microbladed eyebrows are a type of semi-permanent makeup, and with regular top-ups, can easily be maintained to create your perfect eyebrow shape.
Andreea Paval take the time to have a full microblading consultation, advising you on the right shape for your face, as well as taking into account your specific preferences of size, shape and thickness.
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Eyebrow microblading

Is there a difference between:

Microblading, micropigmentation or the powder technique?

Yes, there is a difference between these 3 techniques. Differences are essential, each technique works with another device and has specific results. Microblading is a nanual technique by which we can draw very thin curved lines, similar to that of the thickness of the hair, perfectly imitating the natural hair of the eyebrows.

The Micropigmentation technique and Powdered technique are performed using a special electrical apparatus. Micropigmentation technique involves drawing more curved and thicker curved lines, while the Powdered technique involves biting and coloring the eyebrows, to obtain a thicker and more elaborate eyebrow appearance.

Work examples

Microblading for Men

Can men microblade their eyebrows? Of course!

Andreea Paval not only offers microblading services to women, but also to men at the same time.
It’s a myth that men don’t care about their appearance. You would be surprised by how many men we are microblading eyebrows daily.
While we often think of eyebrow treatments as being a woman’s beauty treatment,
microblading is becoming increasingly popular amongst men who want to tame their bushy eyebrows.
Microblading your eyebrows is the best way to keep them looking well-groomed and tailored.

Why is it so popular?

Why is microblading for men becoming more popular?

One of the reasons for the popularity in microblading men’s eyebrows is that it is a sure way of achieving natural-looking brows. If you want to make it look as though you haven’t had any work done, then microblading is the way to go, a quick search on Youtube will find you hundreds of videos of men speaking about their microblading experience.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing treatment that uses pigment to mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs. This procedure uses a small hand-held device with a dozen micro-needles that scrap your skin to apply the colour directly onto the first layer of your skin. The device is small enough for your technician to get up close and personal, giving a blurring result that makes it impossible to tell the artificial hairs from the natural ones.

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