Beard MP

Beard micropigmentation uses the same method as scalp micropigmentation for alopecia on the top of the head.

Over the course of several sessions, pigments are applied into your skin to simulate the appearance of full, even hair growth. Once the treatment is complete, it will look like you have a full, close-shaven beard. It’s also possible to create a thicker look in longer beards. If you wear your beard longer but you have uneven beard growth, thinning patches or bald spots, this can be effectively concealed using beard micropigmentation. Your beard will look full and even again.
Beard Micropigmentation can be used to obscure acne scars, surgical scars, burns, and other types of skin irregularities. Often after an injury scarred tissue will not grow hair, so facial micropigmentation is an excellent tool for camouflaging these areas. Beard Micropigmentation is an art and a science; it requires an eye for detail and exceptional skill.
The longevity of Beard Micropigmentation depends on a number of factors, including the skincare products you use, sun exposure, and lifestyle. Clients who are athletic and active may need touch ups sooner than those who are not, but generally speaking, micropigmentation lasts between three to five years before it starts to fade.
Avoiding facial peels and acids, as well as applying SPF 50 sunscreen and moisturizer each day, can extend the lifespan of your facial micropigmentation treatment.

Benefits of Service

Beard micropigmentation is a very versatile technique. Here’s what it can do:

  1. Give density to existing facial hair which needs extra volume all over.
  2. Camouflage spots where facial hair is thinner or bald spots.
  3. Camouflage scars :It can also help to disguise scars or blemishes within the beard area.
  4. Modify the shape of facial hair.
  5. Recreate the stubble (or 5 o’clock shadow) look on the entire jawline.
  6. Beard micropigmentation can add volume to any beard, regardless of length. It won’t give you actual hair strands, but can create the illusion of density.
  7. Fills in Gaps: The pigment dots strategically fill in the sparse or bald areas of your beard, creating a more even and consistent look.
  8. Defines Shape: Micropigmentation can be used to enhance your beard’s natural shape or create a new one altogether.

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